10523999_10152790605109651_1801005327803289634_nThis Saturday sees the final gig of one of the bands we’ve enjoyed working with the most: The Minx. We’ll be there supporting them, and are looking forward to getting together for a few pints afterwards (and then probably a few more pints).

The gig, at Manchester’s awesome Soup Kitchen, sold out instantly, without promo, off the back of a Facebook message posted by the band.

This tells you everything you need to know about The Minx, and why we loved working with them: they connected with loads of people who were not represented in music and didn’t kow-tow to anyone else’s opinion of what they “should” be doing.

When we heard that The Minx were stopping, we were a bit stunned.

We thought this because we were thinking with our music biz heads on: here was a band that sold out every gig they had played in Manchester, that was smart and worked hard, that were professional and well-regarded by everyone in the industry who worked with them… why were they stopping now?

But then we thought about the sum of what they’d achieved, and we think that they’re making a brave, smart decision based on one very key thing, and the thing that made us want to work with them in the first place: they are first and foremost a close bunch of very good, old friends.

Life in a band is hard. Breaking through to the point that The Minx have reached where they can virtually guarantee selling out the venue of their choice is incredibly difficult.

They achieved what 99.9% of bands never do: they made a name for themselves based on their raw talent and great pop tunes, amongst music fans and music biz people alike.

the Minx

On the way, they’ve the played the big venues in Manchester (The Ritz, Gorilla) and the smaller ones too (The Ruby Lounge, The Deaf Institute) — and the audience went mad wherever they played.

They starred in an international ad campaign for one of the only really cool brands left, and we felt a surge of pride when we walked past the Dr. Martens shop in London and saw their faces in the window display looking back at us.

They played loads of gigs: summer festivals, UK tours, London shows — where they were stunned to see people singing along — as well as gigs in Paris and gigs in Italy, gigs, gigs, gigs. They played a great show every time. The audience never swayed along at a Minx show.

They shot great, colourful music videos which clearly showed the band for what they are: one of the only guitar bands brave enough to have fun, be happy and hold this reality up to the audience.

Oh, and they pissed off one of the world’s richest Premiership football clubs, and Johnny Fuckin’ Marr leapt to their defence!

the minx

We worked as hard as we could for The Minx because of their approach and what they stood for. We played their music to the top people in music radio and everyone raised their eyebrows in surprise: they never expected them to be as brilliant as they actually were.

The Minx got stuck in and got it done the old fashioned way. They didn’t have useful relatives in the music biz or a gap-year budget to “try out being in a band”.

They gigged hard, remained true to themselves and their fans, and were patient. They were rewarded with a rabid fanbase who loved them.

The Minx are still good friends who’d do anything for each other, and have made a decision to stop which ensures they can have their cake and eat it: success as a band and their friendships.

The UK music scene will be much poorer for The Minx’s retirement, but they’ve left hundreds of fans richer, with solid gold memories of amazing gigs and so many great tunes.

The Minx are dead, long live The Minx!



The Minx are rocketing towards the launch of their new single, No Friends, and are clocking up some exceptional supporters of the brilliant power-pop song en route: Gary Crowley, John Kennedy, BBC Introducing – and repeated support from one of the world’s main punk sites: Louder Than War.

A strong supporter of The Minx since they began, Louder Than War have excitedly backed them as “the best new band in Manchester”, and were the perfect place for The Minx to launch their new video.

No Friends‘ video is a tone-perfect accompaniment to this bounciest of punk-pop songs: colourful, irreverent and – most of all – a ton of fun.

The band’s biggest headline show yet, at Ruby Lounge in Manchester on Saturday 23rd August, is set to be yet another sell-out for a band whose fanbase can’t get enough of their boisterous gigs!


The Minx_Gary_C

Gary Crowley has long been a renowned tipper of up-and-coming young bands, and he’s put his full weight behind The Minx, giving them a lengthy and in-depth interview on his Amazing Radio show!


Gary loves new single No Friends – or, as he says, “how good is that?!”

The Minx are on the road next week, and you can listen to Gary’s show here!




As if to prove how infectious the new single from The Minx is, No Friends was played on BBC Manchester’s Introducing show and another play from the wonderful Gary Crowley at BBC  London – on the same night!


Both of these influential shows were impressed by No Friends’ punchy power-pop.

Michelle Hussey and Natalie-Eve Williams from BBC Introducing Manchester raved at length about the song’s liveliness – “The Minx are one of those bands that make you feel really energetic!”; whilst Gary Crowley from BBC London enthused how he “loved” No Friends.

It all bodes well for the Manchester band, who are playing their biggest-ever headline gig at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge on Saturday 23rd August.


The Minx_johnkennedy

The Minx’s devastatingly bouncy new single No Friends, grabbed its national radio debut courtesy of tastemaker extraordinaire John Kennedy on his influential X-Posure show!

The Minx are the power-pop companions to the punky thrash of The Orwells, Palma Violets and Parquet Courts – snuggling up cosily with a shared sense of spirited, anything-goes fun…

The Minx are winning people over the hard way, gigging, recording top pop songs and then doing it all again!

Listen to John’s whole show here


the Minx

ASKME -singles-button-small

IMPACT DATE15th September 2014
LABELQueen Street Records


Real rebel rockers! Johnny Marr, The Smiths
The best new band in Manchester! John Robb, Louder Than War

“Why so serious?” Guitar music doesn’t have to be po-faced; and The Minx’s happy-go-lucky sense of fun makes them spiritual successors to carefree power-poppers Supergrass – and, as pointed out by Steve Lamacq – Buzzcocks and The Undertones.


No Friends is a direct descendant of The Undertones’ My Perfect Cousin – with a youthful spirit and the bounciest Hammond hook you’ll have heard in years.

The crowd favourite has been given a fresh lick of paint by award-winning producer Cenzo Townshend (Florence + The Machine, The Vaccines, Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand) for this release.

Stars of a forthcoming documentary on underground music scenes by The Street‘s Mike Skinner (who enthused about them being “modern Skindom!”), and having appeared in Dr Marten’s TV ad campaign, The Minx’s music, look and exuberance go pleasingly against the grain.

The band continue to sell out every increasingly big show they headline, and are heading further afield to play more packed venues around the UK – including a show at the Brixton Windmill on 22nd August – confirmation of their rapid ascent.

The band‘s biggest headline gig yet, at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge, is on Saturday 23rd August.

The most exciting new band I’ve heard in years! Pete Jobson, I Am Kloot

I listened to The Minx … decided I liked it and bought it! – Mike Davies, BBC Radio 1

Who are The Minx? Andy Evans (Drums), Chris Haddon (Vox/Guitar), Paul Robinson (Guitar), Steven Stuttard (Bass) & Kieran McIntyre (Keys)

THE MINX live:

27th July – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
22nd August – Brixton Windmill, London (Headline Show)
23rd August – The Ruby Lounge, Manchester (Headline Show)
30th August – The Rocking Chair, Sheffield (Headline Show)
19th September – Ramsbottom Festival (Headlining second stage)
20th September – The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge (Headline Show) 

Photo: Dean Chalkley



Tom Robinson has long been regarded as a key identifier of new musical talent in the UK, and featuring on his BBC Introducing mixtape is a feather in any new band’s cap – which is why The Minx are so pleased to be featured on his latest mixtape!

The band, who’ve sold out a series of ever-bigger shows in Manchester, are hard at work on their next official single… but until then, Tom found plenty to enjoy in a new song they recorded for fun recently, Your Ego, and popped it at the start of his newest BBC Introducing mixtape, available here.

The Minx cook up something special with Mike Skinner…

 minx mike skinner

Manchester’s finest scallywags The Minx got a phone call from Mike Skinner, asking if they’d like to come and spend a whole day in the pub with him and fellow Mancunian rabble-rousers Murkage.

Well, of course they said yes, and the above photo is post-event evidence of the fun that was had.

Here’s what Mike had to say, “Modern jamaican madness by way of MURKAGE and modern skindom by way of THE MINX. after filming chill in the pub we turned it up a notch as murkage did their wild club thing. wild it was. first train back to london for final day of bad eating before editing begins and i reintroduce green vegetables back on my diet”

Mike has promised that, “something exciting’s coming soon.” Watch this space…

Silverclub Spin The Minx’s (Can You Find) My Head? With Dizzying Remix

silverclubSilverclub make a habit of contorting sounds, mashing genres and questioning preconceptions, and they’ve woven a dreamy and bewilderingly colourful remix from The Minx‘s buzzy power-pop.


The transformation of (Can You Find) My Head?‘s boisterous, lark-a-minute guitar-pop into a controlled, somnambulistic, dizzy house workout.

Meanwhile, The Minx are on the verge of selling out yet another key venue in Manchester – with just a few tickets remaining for their Saturday 7th December show at Sound Control.




IMPACT DATE: 9th December 2013
LABEL: Queen Street Records

Smiths legend Johnny Marr has thrown his support behind them, John Robb has named them “the best new band in Manchester” and having starred in Dr Martens‘ current advertising campaign, Manchester’s The Minx have announced their new thrill-a-minute single, (Can You Find) My Head?


Having scored radio play for their previous single from the likes of Steve Lamacq – who compared them to Buzzcocks and The Undertones – and being invited by Xfm to play their Spike Island event, The Minx are aiming higher than ever with their latest blast of power-pop.

And (Can You Find) My Head is accompanied by a brilliant new video; all scatter-gun visuals, kaleidoscopic colours and frenzied gig footage shot around Manchester on charity-shop Hi-8 cameras.

The band have just announced their biggest headline gig yet, at Sound Control on Saturday 7th December, to coincide with the single’s release – and having sold out every single show they’ve played in Manchester, it’s set to be another occasion for their rabid fanbase to pack out the venue and get stuck in to yet another raucous set from their favourite band.

Who are The Minx?
Chris Haddon – Vox / Guitar
Paul Robinson – Guitar / Vox
Steven Stuttard – Bass
Kieran McIntyre – Keys / Vox
Andy Evans – Drums