Joe and Liam

What do we offer?

Depending on your needs, we offer a few distinct services. We’re more than happy to talk to you to help choose which of these is best for your needs:

  • Record plugging to national and regional UK radio for bands who are seeking to gain initial radio play using an enviable and hard-won array of contacts;
  • Online and specialist offline PR and industry exposure;
  • Campaign management for bands: be it for a single, EP, album or tour;
  • One-on-one consultancy to bands, brands and business.

What do we do?

  • Ask Me PR only works with bands that we believe have real potential; we don’t waste your time.
  • We have an enviable track record of working with bands who we helped go on to become huge, and of working with huge, established artists.
  • We offer a range of services that help guide emerging bands through an often-bewildering business to greater success and recognition.

How do we do this?

Ask Me PR has 25+ years of success in the music industry, across most of its facets. We’ve worked with every level of artist: taking new, grassroots bands on to wider recognition – like we did with Oasis, Elbow, Doves, The Coral, Goldfrapp, Moby, The Killers, and The Ting Tings – to working with huge established artists like Prince, George Michael, and Depeche Mode.

What can Ask Me PR do for me?

Most bands approach us initially looking for radio plugging, but it often turns out that what they also want is consultancy, personalised advice and management of their short-to-medium term plans as a band.

This is why Ask Me PR offers a range of services: we can tailor our approach to your needs and you can take advantage of our experience.

For instance: you may be a young band on the up who need advice on how to structure your next steps, and to gain clarity, guidance and a route in to the music business. We can set up a series of one-on-one, by-the-hour consultancy sessions where we can offer you all the guidance you need.

Read more about Ask Me PR’s Campaign Management & Consultancy service here

Or you may have a killer EP recorded, but don’t know how to get the world (or radio, or promoters, or journalists) to hear it. We can get your music out there, to the right people, at the right time, with the right buzz around you.

Read more about Ask Me PR’s Plugging and PR here

We do this because we love new music. And we’ve been there and done it. Get in touch – and find out how we can help you.