Silverclub Spin The Minx’s (Can You Find) My Head? With Dizzying Remix

silverclubSilverclub make a habit of contorting sounds, mashing genres and questioning preconceptions, and they’ve woven a dreamy and bewilderingly colourful remix from The Minx‘s buzzy power-pop.


The transformation of (Can You Find) My Head?‘s boisterous, lark-a-minute guitar-pop into a controlled, somnambulistic, dizzy house workout.

Meanwhile, The Minx are on the verge of selling out yet another key venue in Manchester – with just a few tickets remaining for their Saturday 7th December show at Sound Control.


jonkennedyPolymath DJ Jon Kennedy is no stranger to taking good songs and re-shaping them entirely – it’s a talent that made Mr. Scruff sit up and take notice – and his re-work of Kate Rogers‘ Good Fortune is a fabulous, novel and deep interpretation.

It’s a glossy, tropical and spacious re-edit that allows Kate’s deluxe vocals skip sweetly on the surface and then soar. There’s a hint of Andrew Weatherall in the punchy, deep bass, and huge, widescreen, shimmering finale.

The original Good Fortune is no slouch, either (although it is a different beast entirely) – and is a perfect companion to the Kate Rogers Band‘s forthcoming Anger Management single (out 29th July 2013.)