Most bands come to Ask Me PR looking for radio plugging. What they often need, without realising, is also a trusted guide, smart advice, or the voice of experience steering them through.

What they really want is clarity when plotting their next move.

Traditionally, in an ideal world, bands would find an experienced manager, and sign a development deal with a label. These people would arrange everything: recording, gigs, engaging a promo and marketing team, artwork, the release schedule, the video, social media campaign, nurturing industry chatter, getting feedback from radio producers, and so on.

Today, very few bands have a knowledgable manager, or any kind of deal with any kind of label any more, which can leave some bands feeling adrift.

In a world where apparently everything can be done from a laptop, it turns out what you also really need is the thing that has all but vanished: an experienced hand, who can help you best progress.

Ask Me PR has decades of experience at guiding young bands. We’ve run labels, worked with small bands who became really famous (Hi, Oasis! Hi Elbow! Hi Ting Tings! Hi The Killers! Hi Doves!…), managed bands and done everything from designing the merch to booking the tours. We’ve learnt the hard lessons in the past.

We regularly manage bands’ campaigns. By which we mean: we will advise and schedule the whole process from launch to impact date (the day all promo is focused on – AKA the release date). We’ll figure out what to do, show you how to do it and tell you when to do it (and what not to do), so you can maximise your hard work.

We offer by-the-hour, one-on-one advice and consultancy, allowing you to get personally tailored advice from people who know what you need to do next.

Get in touch, and we can help you make your next step the step up.