So, you have a great single, EP or album recorded. You want the world to hear about it.


Radio play is seen as the holy grail – the outlet that spreads your song to hundreds of thousands, or millions.

But there are other equally important consequences to national radio play. It’s just as important that, via the radio plugging process, you and your music has been taken directly to the people in radio that matter; and you’ll have the cachet that comes from having an established gatekeeper select your song from hundreds of others, and endorse it by with radio play.

These are both hugely important milestones as you continue to build your career.

Ask Me PR has an enviable record of getting the right songs on the right stations.

If you use Ask Me PR, you’ll be hiring the very same man who secured the first radio play for: Oasis, The Killers, Bjork, Elbow, Goldfrapp, Moby, Doves, Pulp, Richard Hawley, The Wombats, The Ting Tings and many more…

We have all the contacts and the knowledge needed to get your song in front of exactly the right station heads, radio producers, playlist compilers and the DJs themselves.

We have an excellent relationship with: BBC 6 Music, Radio 1, Radio 2, Xfm, Absolute Radio, Q Radio, community radio, student radio – any radio stations that would be appropriate for your song.

We will always work our socks off to get the song in front of decision makers at UK radio stations and encourage them to play it. And here’s something important to remember, which sounds a bit blunt – but it’s true, and worth remembering.

Your song may well be a brilliant song – but it has no automatic right to radio play, even after our hardest work. Radio producers and DJs receive literally hundreds of CDs and even more MP3s every week: it’s our job to make sure they listen to yours in the best possible light.

Bear in mind that we’ve done this job many, many times before with huge success – so you’ll have exactly the right team on your side ensuring that everything that can be done is being done for you.

Get in touch, and let us know about your song and your expectations – and we can discuss what we can do to try and get you on the radio. 

And for another view on why plugging is so important, read what The KLF have to say about it (and what Liam did for them).


Before a radio show, major website or magazine will feature your song, they’ll want to see that you have built up buzz online. They will look to see how many people are talking about you, and where they are talking about you.

Obtaining this chatter is elusive: sometimes the buzz creates itself, and sometimes it doesn’t.

What does get blogs and online publications excited is the feeling that a band is making a splash in the real world – but then you can’t get that until you’ve been on some blogs… how do you break this cycle?

At Ask Me PR, we approach this on both fronts: by using our deep and strong radio and real-world press connections, we can best feed blogs and websites with the kind of exciting content they want. Each feeds off the other, maximising impact.

We work hard to persuade the right blogs and sites to talk about you, thus building up grassroots buzz, which helps establish your name as a artist – which makes every subsequent move just that bit easier.

Momentum is what we look for, and work hard to achieve. Email us, and let’s talk about building your buzz!


We create unique, valuable and engaging content for Facebook and Twitter streams; as well as maintaining social media-interaction. We see more value in generating rich, valuable content rather than RT’ing the same old stuff by the same old celebs.

Currently, we run the social media campaign for BIMM Manchester – creating videos, interviews, talking points, and photoshoots to drum up interest, create excitement and make real-world buzz.

Get in touch, and see how we can use our unique contacts and approach to help your social media campaign!