Louis Barabbas and The Bedlam Six – Waiting For Bad News

IMPACT DATE: 11th November

LABEL: Debt Records

Former mime-artist and street sweeper Louis Barabbas, frontman of the Bedlam Six, has played the villain for too long. And now he’s filled with regret. Or is it just his character?

And yet Waiting For Bad News is an pause – a tender moment for reflection. And it’s the band’s best song yet: a pure emotional growl of love, longing and hope.

While Waiting For Bad News is a wonderful musical progression for Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six, it’s an encouraging step for the “Louis Barabbas” character, who has written many songs about lust and loathing – but this one is finally the repressed yelp of love.

“Bad guys are always more interesting. In any given situation there is usually one way of doing the right thing and infinite ways of doing the wrong one. But I’ve played this character too long for him to be a bad guy.

“No one can be the villain in their own story… for the first time I found myself really concerned about how people would perceive my character.

“It was really important to me that the narrator, whilst so often an object of ridicule or disdain, is never one of outright hatred.”

The Bedlam Six have played to packed-out venues in the UK and across Europe and their mix of rumbustious, theatrical vaudeville music and unbeatable rock showmanship (Louis occasionally swings into position on the stage via a rope, pirate-style) having found a rabid audience.

It’s this musicianship/showmanship combination that has lead to The Bedlam Six sharing the bill with such disparate acts as MotorheadI Am Kloot, Eliza Carthy, The Blockheads, Emmanuel Jal and The Buzzcocks.

Waiting For Bad News is plucked from their new album, Youth – and is out on 11th November.


THE MINX – Hey! Mr Warden EP


IMPACT DATE:  5th August 2013
LABEL: Queen Street Records

The Minx have been effortlessly selling out venues in their home town of Manchester for months – and each gig has been bigger and better than the last.

It’s for a good reason! The Minx don’t sound like the Mancunian bands you’d expect, but have still connected with the youth in the manner you’d hope.

Word of mouth has spread the news about The Minx’s gigs quickly around town, their young acolytes packing shows to the rafters. (Word has also reached as far as Los Angeles, where Mike Davies has played them on his BBC Radio 1 show.)

And kids have found kindred spirits in The Minx. They’re lads you’d like to meet in the pub: smart, sharp-dressed, unpretentious and fun… but with the wit, brilliant pop tunes, snappy lyrics and infectious enthusiasm that have filled dancefloors citywide.

Echoes of fellow Mancunians The Buzzcocks & pop-punk pioneers The Undertones shoot through their short ‘n’ sweet paeans to the joys of real life.

Chris Haddon, singer and guitarist, says that there’s no huge secret to The Minx’s successful recipe of pop-noise:

“We’re just five best mates from Wythenshawe interested in all the cultures around us and everyday life – we all love Punk, Reggae, Soul, New Wave, and Pop, and it all comes out in the music we make. It’s Frank Sinatra meets Joe Strummer with a good backbeat!”

They’re a gang, not a band, he says. Right now, the gang is growing fast.

“I listened to [The Minx] one more time, decided I liked it and bought it”­ – Mike Davies, BBC Radio 1
“The most exciting new band I have heard in years; a ferocious live proposition”­ –Pete Jobson, I Am Kloot
“The Minx – the best thing to come out of Manchester since Oasis”­ – Sabotage Times
“Their star will continue to rise over the next 12 months”­ – John Robb, Louder Than War

Who are The Minx?

Chris Haddon – Vox / Guitar
Paul Robinson – Guitar / Vox
Steven Stuttard – Bass
Kieran McIntyre – Keys / Vox
Andy Evans – Drums


The Targets – Wake Up

Release Date: Out Now (Project Records)

twitter.com/theuktargets thetargets.co.uk myspace.com/theuktargets

Cheshire three-piece The Targets release their debut single Wake Up on November 22nd on CD and download via Project Records. The single comes off the back of extensive UK and overseas touring, and features a Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Pixies) remix. The track’s massive, über-catchy chorus pays immediate homage to the likes of 70s punk pioneers The Buzzcocks and The Jam. But there is a contemporary message behind the mayhem too – which has prompted some to dub The Targets’ uncompromising style as ‘iMod for the 21st century’ .

The band – Conrad (guitar), Jess (drums) and bassist Sam (who played George Harrison in the acclaimed John Lennon biopic movie Nowhere Boy) – have been together since they were 13 years old, shouting their brand of loud, angst-driven guitar rock from the rafters of any teenage lad’s headspace.

A video for Wake Up (also starring Jay Johnson from the Nowhere Boy cast) is below, and reflects The Targets’ earliest days when they were too young to perform in pubs or clubs and so had to cut their teeth and build their following playing private house parties.

The Targets have also released a string of UK live dates :

Jan 12
Jan 25
Jan 28
Jan 29
Feb 18
Feb 25
May 01