MDNGHT continue to catch the eyes, ears and affections of major media, with The Guardian exclusively streaming their forthcoming EP, Into The Night, in their highly-respected New Music feature.


The Guardian recognise quality and potential when they see it, too, and enthuse about the “three amazing songs” on MDNGHT‘s debut EP:

Manchester-based quartet MDNGHT (they mean Midnight) make the kind of disco-tinged house that pretty much every major label must be quite keen to snap up right about now.

Their first release, I Will Lead You On, emerged earlier this year… Thankfully that song’s brilliance isn’t a one off, with the gorgeous swell of the title track utilising the band’s penchant for dangerously catchy choruses.

This is just the first example of the breathless (inter)national recognition MDNGHT‘s glossy, stylish pop should be garnering in the near future…

The Into The Night EP is out on 21st October 2013 and can be pre-ordered on iTunes as of 4th August.

  • MDNGHT are: J (vocals), Will and Ant (guitars) and Lloyd (DJ and percussion).
  • The Into The Night EP track listing is: 
    • 1) Into The Night 
    • 2) Give Your Love 
    • 3) Way Too Far 
    • 4) I Will Lead You On
  • There is an accompanying remix EP available, with mixes from some of Manchester’s newest remixing talent: MDNA, Kardanski Dropla and Red Sky Noise.
  • MUK Records is a Manchester-based independent record company.
  • MDNGHT signed an album deal with MUK in late 2012.