MDNGHT – Drive Your Car (free download)


MDNGHT have got major record label A&Rs hot under the collar – and just to turn up the heat, the four young men are treating their hungry fanbase to a deeply deluxe cover of Grosvenor’s quirky disco-pop classic Drive Your Car.

It’s a luxurious, high-gloss version of an overlooked song – showing the band’s talent for merging genres, musical eras and moods; a perfect taster of what is to come.

You can grab the free download here.

MDNGHT remain Manchester’s most enigmatic prospect, with a swirl of intrigue generated by their steamy and soulful, sweet and pummelling sound.

Live, they know what keeps an entranced crowd moving. Thrillingly blurring the lines between live gig and club night, MDNGHT are the visceral excitement of a band merging seductively with the endless euphoria of the dancefloor.

J (vocals), Will and Ant (guitars) and Lloyd (DJ and percussion) massage and mesh elements of house, Balearic beats and disco to create the mesmerising sound that had major labels rushing north to the band’s rehearsal room in 2012.

Their debut single – the bewitching I Will Lead You On was released for a limited period in April. MDNGHT‘s upcoming second release will be the four track Into The Night EP in October 2013.