This Morning Call – Clockworks

Release date: out now (Sub Stream)

“Deep breath and we’ll jump into the unknown”… Clockworks. A soothing down-tempo modern pop ballad from Ben Heyworth (This Morning Call) brilliantly fuses together electronic and classical musical instruments. With an award winning video and the brilliantly received remix by dance outfit Bitrocka, the single is impossible to listen to just once.

Introducing This Morning Call

Ben Heyworth, the man behind This Morning Call, gives some interesting background information to the band and their acclaimed debut album “All Quiet at 4am“. Interspersed with scenes from the video to the band’s new single “Clockworks“, the video features live footage from the band’s recent Chorlton Arts Festival gig at St Clements Church, Manchester.

This Morning Call – Tides

Release date: 17th May 2010 (Substream/ Pearl Diver)

Ben Heyworth (AKA This Morning Call) has produced an album of staggering beauty, and Tides, his debut single, has proven an early stand out track. A ‘down tempo, modern electro pop song’, Ben also fuses together electronic and classical musical instruments. The single and its B-side, Whistle, are impossible to listen to just once: full of character and undoubtedly radio friendly. The single also includes an excellent  remix by techno DJ Alan Prosser.

The album (titled All Quiet at 4am) are set for release in June , but for those of you who can’t wait to be pulled into the world of This Morning Call listen to the single now, via our Soundcloud.  Ben also runs the successful This Morning Call Blog, and there are  a number of other tracks from the album on TMC‘s MySpace for you to check out now.

Happy New Year From Ask Me PR!

Building on the success of their much lauded debut single ‘Live and Live Lonely’, My Albatross release their new single ‘Rich Man’s Daughter’ early in 2010. This time the boys couple their trademark alt rock guitars with Beach Boys-esque rock and roll harmonies. The haunting B-side ‘I Don’t Love You’ features a different arrangement of band members ,and is sure to surprise and amaze you in equal measure.
Fresh from recording their new single with The Earlies, Blind Atlas look set to make waves with Take a While. Expect to hear lots more from the Anglo/ American alt-rockers early in the year.
 Also… prepare yourself for some exceptional and unique bands from the Ask Me roster. We are thrilled to be working with Ben Heyworth AKA This Morning Call, Singer/ songwriter Twin Thea and the band Sheffield is literally ‘buzzing’ about…  All The Damn Kids! Definitely a big year at Ask Me PR!