How Long Should It Take For A Band To Make It?


We talk to lots and lots of new and emerging bands – every day, all week.

The bands we work with are the ones that have talent and promise – and also have realistic aims and expectations, because this really is the best approach for all of us.

It works for us because we can then aim at exceeding sensible expectations, and it works for bands because they don’t waste precious energy trying to live up to their own pressure.

Yes, aim for the stars, of course – but let’s get to the launchpad first. And what we’re really good at is helping you build the platform that will allow you to progress as a band.

We don’t want insta-success or buzz-band-ism for your band. Wait – doesn’t that sound like a bad deal for you?

Well, we don’t think so. Here’s why:

Ask Me wants to help you build slower success; the kind that means you can still be doing this in two years’ time, and hopefully one day you can do it full time and quit the day job.

This is of course counter to so many approaches in today’s ultra-responsive, get-it-instantly world: where technology means you can have it all right now.

From our perspective, it’s a difficult thing to sell: for the artist, who are set on hiring pluggers/PR, the idea of paying for something that might not mean The Instant Big Breakthrough is a hard one to swallow.

But think: how many emerging bands do you witness having explosive, buzz-fuelled growth – with acres of blog coverage, breathless prose in free-sheet music papers, etc – who then disappear almost as fast as they arrive?

The dizzy rise must feel great! And the plummet to insignificance must feel dreadful, too.

The problem with engaging with the buzz-now, put-the-work-in-later approach is that your music might be chewed up and spat out before you even get chance to gig your next EP.

You were a flash in the pan. Hey, you can tell strangers in the pub about it in a few years’ time. Do you want that?

Bands have always taken years – years – to achieve success. Even the overnight successes took years. If it looks too good to be true, it almost always is.

We want to help you build for today and build for tomorrow. The key part of the phrase “delayed gratification” is the second word, not the first 🙂

So, if this sounds like the way you want to approach things, email us and let’s talk about how Ask Me can work with you: