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“…West Country Jamie T or Eminem…” Q Magazine



“Cosmo Jarvis has made an album of teenage angst and the like and it’s perfectly adequate. But he has a new song called ‘Gay Pirates’ which hints at a deeper talent. It’s vivid, violent and the most tragically moving love song we’ve heard all year….evidence we might have a miniature Tom Waits on our hands ”

Dan Martin, NME Magazine Sept ‘09

“His debut album is a crammed double album of teenage angst, desire and social comment. It’s a bold intriguing mess that suggests he has an exciting future”

Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph Nov ‘09

“Inarguably gifted he makes films as well as writing, playing and brilliantly engineering his inventive music. A fab new talent with imagination overload.”

James McNair, MOJO, Nov ‘09

“A man who believes in letting everything out. His debut album comes across as a daffy West Country Jamie T or Eminem

Ian Harrison, Q, Nov ‘09

“Jarvis has the potential to be a future Springsteen. Certainly his songs would do the young Boss proud. One of the best debuts of the year and a force to watch in the years ahead

Daily Mirror, Oct 30th ‘09

“A veritable one man band his toe tapping and foot stomping tales of love and lust slot in well with the modern troubadours such as Jamie T and Frank Turner. His confidence reigns on this accomplished double album ”

AOL Music online Oct ‘09

“It’s a completely extraordinary record – it’s homemade, all by himself. He shot a video himself for a total cost of  £125 which looks like a really really great  cinematic black and white movie”

Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

Cosmo Jarvis

Championed by the undeniably influential Zane Lowe (Radio 1), Cosmo’s self-titled debut album is almost guaranteed to make waves. This young, new, self-reliant artist doesn’t believe in conformity, cop-outs or half measures. With so many ideas, musical styles and inspiration pumping through his 19-year old imagination it is little wonder that his eponymous album was going to be anything other than an unconventional affair. The two disc album delves into every corner of the teenage mind, from upbeat, poppier tracks such as Jessica Alba’s Number, She’s Got You  and Crazy Screwed Up Lady to the darker, more sinister Mummy’s Been Drinking and Problems. Utilising everything from recorders to banjos, Cosmo Jarvis proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is the musical troubadour we always suspected he was!

Cosmo is also a film-maker, and contributes regularly to Babelgum and YouTube. Check out his videos for ‘She’s got You’, which was his first single and ‘Problems’ (see post below), from his current single.