albums button smallARTIST – INCA BABIES
ALBUM – The Stereo Plan
IMPACT DATE – 20th September 2014
LABEL – Black Lagoon Records

A band with four Peel sessions under their belts, the Inca Babies know how to snag attention with caustic pop songs, and their third LP in their Death Blues Trilogy continues to do just that.

Following the highly acclaimed Death Message Blues and Deep Dark Blue, new album The Stereo Plan charts the band’s euphoric rebirth to their primal, paired-back and pulsating pomp.

Having plotted the difficult days following original bass player Bill Marten’s death, and finding their feet afterwards over the previous LPs, the new album is a riotous splash of riffs and larger-than-life characters.

Singer and guitarist Harry Stafford describes the new songs as, “surf punk and trash blues sharing space with death rock grunge and end of the world ballads.” It’s clear his ambition still matches his ability to perform songs that are part tall tale, part arch humour – and all pounding, deathrock punk-blues.

Completing this trilogy has pulled the band closer than ever, and subsequent blistering live performances has won them fans across Europe and the west coast of America.

Explaining The Stereo Plan, which opens this album, Harry says: “It’s a driving, relentless riff, with a lyrical ‘to do list’ of a desperate man living his last days through his scratched vinyl record collection.”

The band is: Harry Stafford – guitar, vocals; Vince Hunt – bass; Rob Haynes – drums.

See INCA BABIES live at their headline homecoming show at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester on Saturday 20th September 2014.

The band continues to tour extensively and are set to play St Petersburg, Moscow, Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham; with dates in Channai (Madras) India, London and Warsaw in the 2015 New Year. Another tour follows that in Spring 2015.

Ruby Lounge, Manchester – Saturday 20th Sept. 2014
Da:Da Club, St Petersburg, Russia – Friday 26th Sept 2014
Moscow, Russia – Saturday 27th Sept. 2014
Georgian Theatre (Peel Night.), Stockton – 25th October 2014
The Hope, Brighton – 1st November 2014
Saarong Festival, Channai, India – 8th January 2015